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Suanne Braun

Suanne Braun

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Bow before your goddess.

Or at least come talk to her! The Goa’uld of Stargate are nothing if not theatrical, and Hathor is certainly no different! She and Suanne share this love of all things theater, and she wants to talk all about it with you. She's starred in iconic plays and musicals (Cabaret, anyone?) during her career. Let’s talk about some of your favorites. Or maybe you want to know what it takes to survive an 8-performance week in the theater. She has some wonderful stories to share, and she wants to hear yours too!

A Note from the Green Room:

  • You can usually ask at least 3x great questions in 15 minutes
  • We recommend you take 2-minutes and prepare 3x questions before the event
  • Scientific studies have shown, preparing questions help learning increase by up to 200%
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