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Amanda Tapping: Embracing Mental Health as a Fandom Part 3

Amanda Tapping: Embracing Mental Health as a Fandom Part 3

Date: January 13th (To Be Confirmed)

As the holiday festivities dim and the winter blues come knocking, we recognize the importance of community and mutual support. Picking up from the resonating success of Parts 1 and 2, we are thrilled to present the third installment of "Amanda Tapping: Embracing Mental Health as a Fandom."

Event Highlights:

📆 Post-Holiday Check-In: January can often be a challenging month as the jubilation of the festive season wanes and the reality of the winter months settles in. This event offers a chance to connect, reflect, and rejuvenate.

🎙 Hosted by 3 Fries Short: Dive deep into meaningful conversations and insightful discussions as the vibrant ladies from the 3 Fries Short podcast take the reins of the event, bringing their unique perspectives and warmth.

Hour-long Main Event: Engage in an impactful 60-minute session focused on mental wellness, exploring coping mechanisms, and the importance of community during the colder months.

🌿 Exclusive Green Room Sessions: For those who crave a more intimate setting, follow up the main event with Green Room sessions. This is your chance to interact directly with Amanda Tapping, diving deeper into personal stories and shared experiences.

❤️ Benefitting Mental Health Organizations: We've raised over $13,000 for mental health charities since the beginning of Amanda's series. This installment will also be benefitting NAMI, Children's Help Line, and Mind.

Embrace this opportunity to prioritize mental well-being, find solace in a supportive fandom community, and start the new year with a fortified spirit. Let's face the seasonal blues head-on, reminding each other that even in the coldest moments, warmth can be found in togetherness.

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